Points/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Demiurg 11 3 3 4 4 1 2 1 8 4+

Belos squads are armed exclusively with heavy weaponry, and provide mobile, concentrated supporting fire for advancing Demiurg forces.

Squad: The squad consists of between three and eight Demiurg.

Weapons: Each models must be armed with one of the following weapons: incinerator cannon at +X pts; seismic cannon at +X pts; pneumatic cannon at +X pts; pneumatic gatling at +X pts.

Options: The entire squad may be given seismic grenades at an additional cost of +1 pt per model.

Character: The squad may be led by an Igemonos bought separately from the HQ or Elites section of the Army List.

Transport Vehicle: The entire squad may be mounted in a Dromos or Astrapi bought separately from the Fast Attack section of the Army List.

Points/Model WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Demiurg X 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9 5+

The artillery pieces of which Pyroboliko are comprised are usually converted heavy mining equipment, and are of one of two types: earthquake generating Seismos cannons, or burrowing Siragka mortars.

Battery: The battery consists of between one and three support weapons.

Weapons: Each support weapon is armed with either a Siragka mortar or Seismos cannon. Each battery is armed with one or the other, weapons cannot be mixed within the single battery.

Crew: Two Demiurg per support weapon each armed with a pneumatic pistol.

Character: The battery may be joined by an Igemonos bought separately from the HQ or Elites section of the Army List.


Movement: Subterranean mortars and earthquake cannons must remain stationary to fire, but may otherwise move as normal.

Hits on the Battery: When a battery of support weapons is fired at, randomise any hits between the crew and the support weapons themselves by rolling a D6:

D6 Result
1-4 Crew hit
5-6 Support Weapon hit

Hits against the crew are resolved as normal, support weapons count as vehicles with an armour value of 10, any penetrating or glancing hits destroy them.

Points/Model WS BS S Armour I A
Front Side Rear
Sidiros X 3 3 6 11 11 10 2 1

Sidiros are multi-purpose heavy duty exo-skeletons generally used for heavy lifting and mining operations where Ktinos are either unable or unwilling to work. Often retro-fitted for battle, they are armed with both rock drills and cannon to allow flexibility of use. 

Type: Walker.

Squadron: Each squadron consists of between one and three Sidiros.

Crew: One Demiurg.

Weapons: Each Sidiros is armed with a heavy rock drill and one of the following at the points cost indicated: quake cannon at +X pts; incinerator cannon at +X pts; pneumatic cannon at +X pts; pneumatic gatling at +X pts.

Points Front
Trikymia X 13 12 11 3

The Trykymia is an experimental Demiurg vehicle, one of the first designed solely for above-ground operations. It mounts an extremely large air compressor system in the tank's hull to operate the Anemos cannon, a large-scale version of the regular pneumatic cannon recently developed by the Michanikos.   The decision of whether or not the Trikymia and similar non-tunnelling tanks are to be put into general production depend on field testing of the prototypes currently in operation.

Type: Tank

Crew: Demiurg

Weapons: Anemos cannon and two pneumatic gatlings in side sponsons.

Options: Both pneumatic gatlings may be replaced with pneumatic cannons at a cost of +10 pts each.

The Trikymia may be equipped with any of the following vehicle upgrades for the cost listed in the Demiurg Armoury: searchlight, smoke launchers.

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